About Us

A brief history of what moves us.

Pollution from non-renewable sources is a global problem and the only solution is decarbonization. However, in order to make this transition and achieve 100% renewable energy, we face the key obstacle of climate variability, which makes it impossible to adjust energy production to energy demand.
We believe in electrolysis and hydrogen fuel cell technology as a solution to the problem of the variability of renewable energies, being able to store energy efficiently in hydrogen and use it when it is necessary for business or everyday use.

Who we are?​

Hydrogreen Energy is a company focused on the production and distribution of fuel cells and their components, especially highlighting its unique GDL (gas diffusion layer) technology for the hydrogen market developed and patented entirely in Spain.

Our Objectives

Decarbonizing the planet and improving the environment by reducing pollution inside and outside population centers, with fuel cell technology and green hydrogen, generated by the electrolysis of water powered by the sun’s energy.

How do we achieve them?

Our company is the result of a mutual collaboration between academic knowledge and private enterprise. With the best professionals from both environments, to solve the needs of the market with technological solutions through R+D+i.

Our Production Process



In collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.



With the best experts and tools on the market.



Qualified and experienced personnel in the renewable energy sector.



Using the methodology of research and innovation.



Raw material of the best quality and products supervised for installation.



Based on experience and feedback from our customers.


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